Studia Informatica Pomerania
Autor: Wiesław Półjanowicz, Robert Latosiewicz 147
Strony: 147-159
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In present civilization acquiring the knowledge became a priority in life for generality of people. Information society that consists of all sorts social groups, both young and older people still are improves skills, raises professional qualifi cations, develops knowledge and interests. Everything can reach it with traditional methods of learning, but recently new forms of education are more and more popular: e-learning (education via Internet) and b-learning (using traditional teaching and teaching via Internet).
In the article we want to present defi nitions of e-learning and our observations connected to distance learning methods. Areas of teaching actions connected to distance learning and to complementary education were described. An organization of teaching in b-learning system, the most essential aspects of using this system in teaching and raising students’ level of knowledge were also presented.
In the article we demonstrate that b-learning is able to exploit advantages of the e-learning and the traditional teaching to the purpose of better knowledge acquiring. In the article we point the advantages of the method of complementary teaching and advantages of the learning with this method.