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Autor: Renata Knap 51
Strony: 51-66
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This paper analyses changes in Polish foreign agricultural trade in the context of global market trends during 2000–2007. The analysis show that 2000–2007 Poland experienced a signifi cant increase in the value of turnover in agricultural trade. In effect, the share of Poland in global exports of food and agricultural raw materials increased. The Polish trade balance with regard to agricultural products improved between 2000 and 2007. Poland turned from an agricultural net importer to a net exporter. The structure of Polish foreign agricultural trade shows a positive sign of a systematic increase in the proportion of processed products. The aforementioned trends in the development of the Polish agricultural trade indicated the increase in the international competitiveness of Polish agriculture between 2000–2007. The advantageous trends in the Polish foreign trade of agricultural products show Poland to be a beneficiary of EU integration. The agricultural and food sector was unexpectedly efficient at using the opportunities offered by the accession to the EU and situation on the global agricultural marker.