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Autor: Katarzyna Szopik-Depczyńska, Radosław Depczyński 153
Strony: 153-176
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The article concerns the importance of research & development and innovative activity in polish enterprises. It tells that this may be the only method of development, growth and, what is the most important, surviving in such a competitive market, especially in the aspect of joining European Union. R&D activities in enterprises and efficient application of innovation enable survival and winning a better position in the international market.
The paper describes the condition, perspectives and several ways of financing R&D and innovative activity in Poland. The publication also presents a compilation of R&D factors, determinants and obstacles of innovative and R&D activity which are considered as one the most important method of surviving in such competitive market. The paper presents a classification of determinants of innovation. There are two main groups of determinants: internal and external. Some of them have a positive impact on the innovation activity of the enterprise, the others – a negative one. Nonetheless, their identification and classification is a starting point for further theoretical and practical considerations.