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Autor: Waldemar Aspadarec 79
Strony: 79-78
Słowa kluczowe: fundusze hedge, surowce
Keywords: hedge funds, commodity market
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Hedge funds operations awake a huge amount of controversy. These funds trade on many markets – including the commodity markets. Due to industry characteristics, hedge funds trading in commodities trade in financial instruments such as financial futures contracts, options or ETFs. High volatility, booms and busts and major liquidity problems at many markets triggered a witch hunt. When it comes to commodity markets it is especially important due to facts that commodity prices affect everyone’s life quickly and directly no matter where one lives. The following paper depicts some intersections of hedge funds with commodity markets and tries to answer a question which may appear to be easy to answer: can real (underlying) market (mainly spot and forwards transactions) be manipulated with speculation at derivatives market (mainly futures contracts). By this study some other interesting financial topics will be mentioned as well. Cases of historical and present market imbalances will be depicted too.