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Autor: Ireneusz Miciuła 51
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Analysis of action and the strategy of the GE Money Bank within the scope of the risk profile in conditions after crisis

The Crisis on financial markets has contributed to a serious breakdown of global economy in last decades. The purpose of this article is to appear the knowledge about current problems of economy in the phase after crisis, as well as paying attention of politicians, legislators and managers on these problems. Present situation is significant challenge for polish economy also, particularly for participants of financial markets. In the article has been presented GE MONEY BANK actions. After that has been performed the analysis of the profile of credit risk in conditions after crisis and review of the methods and tools applicable in monitoring instruments and controlling the kind of this risk e.g. using by GEM bank process (Portfolio Quality Review). Simultaneously has been paid attention on capability of application of modern management based on conception Valueat- Risk, which is used by financial institutions in struggles with crisis.